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Frequently Asked Quesions

Q: What types of products do you sell?

A: We specialize in different types of services including:

Concrete & Stone Flatwork: Driveways, Aprons, Patios, Public Sidewalk, Pavers, Slabs, Steps, Handicap Ramps, Concrete Pads, Footings, Retaining & Foundation Walls, Brick & CMU Block Masonry, Pavers, Flagstone and Colored Concrete.

Home Additions & Remodeling: Rough & Finish Carpentry, Drywall, Painting, Roofing, Siding, Gutters & Downspouts, Millwork, Doors, Windows, Insulation, Flooring and Site work.

Q: I hate my kitchen cabinets! Do I have any options besides totally replacing them?

Q: Where are you located?

Q: What are your hours?

Q: Do you charge for estimates?

Q: Are there any references I can contact about your work?